His Furry friend

August 15, 2014

How we live in a city with no wall,

We seem to listen to sound of birds,

The children play in the street

Looking for the moment when they can hear

The lorries and the trams rattling down the road

Mothers screaming to take care of the car screeching to a holt.

The little cat run over, motionless and the little boy  crying

for his little furry friend.



Its So Nice to A Bubba

September 20, 2013

Well he is our little Benji

What a pretty little thing

His eyes are so beautiful

Grey, will they grow brown.


#My what a ltlle boy, we wait for a name.

is it going to be named after, his great grandfather.

What a suprise, his name is Ben,

after his gr- grandfathers on both sides

How wonderful he changes every day,

he is perfect in with a pair of lungs

His cry for attention is loud,

as his beauty grows,

Come to Bubba she will give you a cuddle,

to satisfy your attention

Love and affection grow with every minute

It is true to say one go home, after giving advice

How it worked for you, and with a that we can say goodbye till another day.


they run

November 20, 2012

They run as the bombs come down, I heard a bang are the coming for me

I have just 20 seconds, the will hit the house, no the school.

We run, the dust comes, after the bang, mummy are you ok.

There is no answer everything goes quiet,

The  tears well-up no mummy not moving  

lying in a still position tears down her cheeks, as she draws her last breath

She smiles  as to s

We Love our Children

October 24, 2012

We love our children,
Make them safe,
listen to them.
Never doubt them

Some grown ups are not sincere
They don’t love us,
They just use use
Some children are to frighten to tell
As grown ups abuse our trust

Our children love us
They are our future
do not abuse,
Just love us

Sitting at the table

July 30, 2012

Sitting at the table, looking at the children.

One like Chicken, one likes Beef.

looking at the News, news reader tells us

of starving children, poverty in the world.


Eat up those greens, your hair will go curly.

There is a protest, but then there is the reminder.

Of those hungry children, those eyes tell us a millions of children

Would like that food, sitting there wasting food,

They would like what I have put in the bin would feed a family .

For a week or two.

Do you ever get that left-out feeling?

July 19, 2012

We are left out (Israel) because of the prospect of something happening like today. or they feel we should feel as though Israel does not exsist in the eyes of some. How wrong they are

Anne's Opinions

Israel certainly does in so many international forums, ranging from regional groupings in FIFA (soccer to the colonials amongst us) where Israel is considered in Europe as opposed to the geographically correct Asia, to the UN where Israel is similarly excluded from its natural region and is instead part of “Western Europe and Others Group“.  Similarly Israel is part of TV’s Eurovision (although I’m not sure an Asiavision actually exists).

All these instances – and there are more – of Israel’s geographical revisionism – are due to one simple fact: the Arab states and their cohorts will not accept Israel’s presence in either physical or political terms.

These cases are all bad enough, but at least Israel does get a look-in, albeit in the wrong regional grouping. However in recent weeks Israel has been outrageously excluded from several important events.

In May, Israel was excluded from a NATO…

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Hi from Anne Diamond

June 9, 2012

The world has gone potty, the UK is in Election mode for better or worse at this time we should be sticking together as a nation. The world seems to think that a the uk should help the world,Yes we can if allowed we can help by help building a good life for all. How by the world population should learn to respect others. different ways ways of religion and culture.

Let those live for what is their belief. Many of us will just live in fear, young people are so aggresive there is no need. I do feel intiminated they are so rough in their attitude a great shame’

I feel that nobody should live in fear, or poverty wether in no belonging or lack of work or funds for their children. the governmenets of this country an wworld wide

What about Syria

June 8, 2012

The atrocities, the way women and children have been ethnically cleans is just terrible the world needs to see it like another Holocaust the reports on \British television BBC and Independent  ITV

For me this is the most terrible situation nobody likes to hear of such terrible, Kofe Annan has been there  so has the rest of those so called peace makers they need to be bold tell the rest of the world this cannot be tolerated.

Babies with there head being  crushed, children being shot at,

this is sickening

Hi their world is beautiful

June 2, 2012

The world is a wonderful place,

one can look at how those enjoy 

The days of remembering, and the years gone by

sitting at the computer, staring out of the window, 

Thinking of the years gone by,

Remembering how the children were playing in the garden

wishing they would grow older,

Now they are older wishing they were small


Now they are older wishing I was younger,

Now they are older I see myself as they were

Never seeing how the years have flown by, as I was busy 

Looking at what I missed as they grow older 

Happy Times more than I had, always finding life so hard

allowing more than I ever had pleased that I can give them more

to make life easy, than I ever had.

To make life their beautiful, as I found hard

Never assume that life is the same for ever


May 29, 2012

Anne's Opinions

Melanie Phillips nails it when she calls out anti-Zionism for what it is – bigotry. Ms. Phillips is never backwards in coming forwards in pointing out the double standards relating to Israel, but this latest article of hers is outstanding.

… I have been brooding over the fact that Zionism has become a dirty word in Britain and the west.

For many in these societies, Zionism has now become equated with racism. This group libel, once regarded with revulsion by decent people when the Soviet-Arab axis got the UN to endorse it in 1975, has now become the prism through which the BBC, academia, the artistic and theatrical world and much of the rest of the cultural establishment now frame all references to Israel.

This helps explain the attempted boycott of the Israeli theatre company Habima, playing Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice at London’s Globe theatre this evening in conditions of…

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